WARHOL Marilyn Monroe Tate gallery 1971

WARHOL Marilyn Monroe Tate gallery 1971

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WARHOL Marilyn Monroe Tate gallery 1971

Andy Warhol 1928–1987

Χάρτινη αφίσα, poster

Διαστάσεις  : 51 x 76 εκ.


Andy Warhol at the Tate Gallery: 18 February 1971

When the controversial pop artist appeared at the opening of his London exhibition, photographer Neil Libbert captured the frenzy for the Observer.

Andy Warhol with Jane Forth, teenage star of his film Trash, signing autographs at the Tate Gallery.

The lapse of time since his first appearance on the scene 10 years ago has made the question a bit easier to answer. The images which he slapped down then before the astonished public – the Campbell soup-cans, the tarted-up publicity photos of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, the lavender-tinted study of an electric chair – these looked like impudent gestures under the public’s nose. His appearance and manner as an ash-pale hermit surrounded by a halo of beautiful and amoral disciples, magnified the impression of manipulated glamour.


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